Pete Bennett provides independent research on business, government and issues affecting us everyday.  

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Research Topics

For over 20 years Pete Bennett career has been developing applications for clients in finance, construction, government and more.  In 1996 Authentic Technologies foundedwhich ran for nearly ten years but in 2001 a series of events began to unfold that's which connected nearly three decades of events together. A key why Mr. Bennett's business failure began to unfold in March 2011 with the arrests of the Commander of the Contra Costa County Narcotics Taskforce when he and his Private Investigator friend Chris Butler.  In 2004 my truck blew up on 680 NB - but you never read about it.  .  

  • Contra Costa County Narcotics Taskforce
  • San Francisco Bay Area Companies
  • Bay Area
  • Economic Trends


  • Political Trends 
  • Global Issues
  • Energy
  • National Security
  • Research Data
  • Outsourcing of Jobs
  • H1B Visas